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  1. I have been supporting WenYang Sports Association since 2008. The reason why I have been supporting because they have good achievements in the Northern Lion Dance they clicked the Northern Lion Dnce Champion since 2008….From that time onwards, I have start to notice on the schedule when will Wenyang team will be having Northern Lion, and I’ll prepare myself to go to the performanc location to support wenyang”s northern lion…Till now, I’m still supporting them, because they hahve improve and upgrade themselves, and that’s why I will like to reccomend my friend to wenyang if they are interested in engaging lion dance…

    Javin Sum14.01.2011
  2. Despite the short notice given to Carey, he managed to accommodate us in their performance schedule. Splendid performance during our New Office Opening Ceremony in Shenton Way. Our staff and guests liked the performance very much. Thank you for the memorable experience…we will be back for more! Kudos Wenyang! =)

  3. Was invited by carey to write a testi.

    They are great communicator and show professionalism attitude towards their performance. Without you guys, my guests will not be able to experience this traditional chinese art.

    Great Work!

    Sue yin21.10.2010