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  1. Thank you for delivering such wonderful luminous dragon performance at our Mid Autumn Celebrations! The audiences enjoyed themselves very much. Wenyang Dragon Dance Troupe was able to accommodate to our requests though we make some last minute arrangements and changes. You were prompt in answering queries, very punctual for the event and made the effort to come an hour earlier to stand by for the performance item. I really appreciate it! Great professionalism indeed! Shirley, NYPS

  2. We are pleased to invite Wenyang Lion Dance Troupe to grace our opening ceremony on 19 August, 2011. The audience are totally immersed in the happy occasion with the wonderful drums & lion dance performance. Especially the little invited ones are amused too! Thanks. – Esther Ong, Internal Communications for IMC

  3. Despite making many changes to the lion and dragon dance sequence for our event, Carey was able to accomodate our request =D Everything went well on the event day and the team was very clear of what they have to do even without us briefing them on that day. Great job! =D