Junior Dragon Dance

We are a professional Dragon & Lion dance team with full time staff providing advise on performances best suit your event. Our full time staff are well trained on answering your query. You can click onto mentioned services on the left to find out more about each service we provide.

Our very own 14 footer truck since 2006. . .

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See for the first time in the world where 3 little dragons will perform in synchronised move to the touching tunes of Chinese Orchestra. These dragons are danced by our junior dragon dance teams which comprises kids from 7 to 12 years old. The dance specially choreographed to match the famous song of “Feng Shou Luo Gu” signifies good harvest of wealth and health! This remarkable dance has been featured in many news article such as “The Straits Time”, “The New Paper” and “Lian He Zhao Bao”.