Lion Leap Dancing On High Poles

We are a professional Dragon & Lion dance team with full time staff providing advise on performances best suit your event. Our full time staff are well trained on answering your query. You can click onto mentioned services on the left to find out more about each service we provide.

Our very own 14 footer truck since 2006. . .

Wenyang 14 Footer Truck 2006-2014 Wenyang 14 Footer Truck 2014-now
Year 2006 to Year 2014 Year 2014 to Present Year

Our award winning spectacular performance are Twin Lions leap dancing on the pole as high as 2m. Wenyang Sports Association is one of the very few troupe in Singapore that are able to present Twin Lions leap dancing together. This signifies “Reaching Greater Heights With Each Step”. In Chinese we call it “Bu Bu Gao Sheng”.